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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Generation Diva- Tweens Pay the Price Of A Cultural Obsession

Why has it become increasingly common for children as young as five to demand beauty products and treatments to "improve" their appearance?

"A combination of new technology and the Web, is responsible—at least in part—for this transformation in attitudes. Ads for the latest fashions, makeup tips and grooming products are circulated with a speed and fury unique to this millennium—on millions of ads, message boards and Facebook pages... It's been estimated that girls 11 to 14 are subjected to some 500 advertisements a day—the majority of them nipped, tucked and airbrushed to perfection. And, according to a University of Minnesota study, staring at those airbrushed images from just one to three minutes can have a negative impact on girls' self-esteem." None of this existed when most of today's parents were growing up and the impacts on our children's self-worth and body image as they grow into adulthood have yet to be measured.
Read "Generation Diva" in this week's Newsweek magazine to learn more about this destructive trend and what parents can do to help their children develop a healthy self-images and understand the downside of a culture of self-indulgence.

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