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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MindMapping Tools

Mind Mapping tools are a useful way to think through ideas, project and other types of planning. Mind maps can be used to take class notes, outline creative projects, brainstorm and visualize just about any pattern of thinking about a subject. Programmers are familiar with a flavor of logic mapping, UML.

There are a lot of Mind Mapping websites and map creation tools available online, as well as numerous books written about the subject. Mind mapping is purported to increase cognitive abilities and creativity; maps can be drawn by hand or by using mapping tools. At the very least they are fun to make and often reveal surprising links or parallels within the topic being mapped.
Take a look at MindMapSwitch for tips on mapping Internet content,or bookmap to mind map your book. A good general introduction with links can be found at Wikipedia

More on this topic in the future, maybe even a mindmap of library projects we are contemplating.


  1. There a wiki devoted to mind mapping, concept mapping and other forms of information mapping here:



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