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Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Has Sprung, @Your Library

Saturday Hours Have Changed!
Eighty percent of library users surveyed during the months of February and March told us they'd rather have the library open on Saturday mornings, than in the afternoon. They spoke, we listened! New Boscobel Library Hours: Saturday, 10am -1pm.  (old hours were from 1 - 4 pm)

Summer Library Program, "Dig Into Reading!" begins June 19th. Activities, adventures, reading prizes, special guests and more will be offered for children and adults of all ages. Special programs include the library's 100th Anniversary Celebration, July 1st through 5th. From literacy opportunities in the past to envisioning the future of information in the present, the Boscobel Library has faithfully served the reading, entertainment and educational needs of our community and the surrounding areas for more than a century. Stop by the library to enjoy stories from the past and test drive some of the latest technology rich services leading us into the future. Watch this column for additional information about all that we'll be offering @ Your Library this summer. 

Library Booksale Donations Wanted

Our library is seeking  donations of clean, gently used books, movies and audio CDs for our annual July booksale. Our booksale is the library's biggest fundraiser of the year and provides us with funds for special programs and collection items we might otherwise not be able to afford. Whether it's just a couple of books or a boxful, your library can make good use of your old books while at the same time providing great deals on good reads to everyone in our community.  This year we are also seeking small to medium sized clean tins (no plastic please)  with lids to be used for summer library craft projects. Altoids mint tins, old kids watercolor sets, small toolboxes and the like are just right and very much appreciated. Reduce, reuse, recycle here!

 Donations may be dropped off in the rear entry of the library during regular hours (please don't leave boxes outside where they can get wet). Please let the staff know when you drop something off.  If you have a large number of items to donate, please call first so that we can make room. An important note: Although we value and appreciate every donation, unfortunately we can't make use of old encyclopedias or of some common magazines (Time, Good Housekeeping) if they're more than a year old. If you have these items or if you're uncertain about a donation, please give us a call and we'll be happy to help you. 

April 4th Movie Night

Join us for on the first Thursday in April at 6:30 PM in the downstairs clubroom of the library building for a free movie. This month's feature (licensing restrictions prevent us from naming the movie, but we can describe it) tells the story of a man compelled to speak to the world with a stammer. 

Not just any man, but the future King of England, Albert, thrust into the unexpected role by the abdication of his brother Edward who, rather than lead his country as the maelstrom of WWII approached,  chose to "marry the woman I love", American divorcee Wallace Simpson. 

 A "richly enjoyable, instantly absorbing true-life drama about the unexpected friendship that develops between introverted stammerer King George VI of England and his exuberant Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue, a partnership brokered by George's shrewd wife in her pre-Queen-Mum incarnations as the Duchess of York. These characters are performed with pure theatrical gusto by Colin Firth as the miserably afflicted monarch, Geoffrey Rush as the twinkly eyed Australian actor become speech coach and Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen who has to learn to like Logue by overcoming her own snobbery". In the wider sphere, Hitler takes power, war comes closer, Mrs. Simpson wreaks havoc, and the dreaded day approaches when Bertie, as George VI, will have to speak to the world and declare war." The final scene of the movie where, encouraged by Logue, Bertie steps up to the microphone and addresses his nation, works brilliantly and is deeply moving. A first rate historical drama; despite an R rating for brief scenes that include profane language, the movie is excellent for anyone interested in history, speech or how determination and friendship can win over fear.

Celebrate National Poetry Month in April!

 We'll be celebrating "Poem in Your Pocket" day on April 18th! Patrons who bring in a poem that day can have up to $5.00 in fines waived. Kids who bring a poem  in their pocket get to pick a free gift from our surprise basket. 
Here's a pocket poem people can printout to bring with them for fine forgiveness- just add two lines of your own to the end of the poem and bring it with you during the week of April 18th. 

"We think that we shall never see, 
 a sight so lovely as our library. 
With kids and readers gathered 'round, 
hear us make a joyful sound!
Check out some books, 
Test drive a Nook, 
the future's here, just take a look!"

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