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Monday, April 28, 2014

More Spring Reading Resources

Wondering what to read next? Take a look at Goodreads' "listopia", a nifty set of recommended books by topic, interest levels, genre (mystery, romance, thriller, supernatural, fantasy, history, "must reads", "best unknown books" and more!) 
 Mysteries are the hands-down favorite fiction flavor, so here's a big scoop to start out your summer reading season: Mystery Book Lists http://ow.ly/wfmHk

Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24th is Poem In Your Pocket Day!

Hooray, it's Poem in Your Pocket Day! Carry a poem and read it to friends, listening and reading the fun never ends!
We're partnering with Timberlane Coffee today to bring you some spring poetry joy- pick up a pocket poem at the library, take it to Timberlane, read it to the fine folks there and get a FREE tasty treat! OR, pick up a poem at Timberlane, bring it to the library and read it to the librarians, and get a FREE library gift! Whichever way you approach it, there's lots to love about a poem in your pocket http://www.poets.org/page.php/prmID/406?utm_source=Poem+in+Your+Pocket+2013+Newsletter&utm_campaign=pocketday_blast&utm_medium=email

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cozy Mystery Season

Summer's almost here and with it a brand new crop of "Cozy Mystery" paperbacks will be arriving on the library's shelves. Are you a cozy mystery reader? Curious about cozy mysteries? Think quick, entertaining  reads (perfect for busy summer days!) with a touch of humor, clever who-dunnit detective work by civilian sleuths like Miss Marple or Father Brown,small town settings so the entire community can get involved and tongue-in-cheek titles such as "Dead White and Blue", "Peach Pies and Alibis", "Buried in a Bog", "Deep Fried Homicide", etc. These are often written as series or by theme (bakeshop, bookstore, knitting, garden club, Irish mysteries, supernatural, travel etc), so there's always something to read next. Curious? Click on over to:  http://www.cozy-mystery.com/ to learn more then stop by the library for a preview of this summer's collection- perfect for the pool, camping, cookout, travel or a lazy afternoon in the hammock!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring In the Air, Summer Around the Corner

With National Library Week underway, Easter ahead and summer vacation soon to arrive, your Boscobel library is gearing up to provide you with good things to read, do, listen to and enjoy as we shift into the busy days of summer.

The library’s Monday evening /Wednesday morning   spring  pre-k storytime wraps up this week with “Egg-cited for Easter”.  We’ll be taking a few weeks off afterwards to get ready for our big 2014 Summer  Library Program, “Fizz Boom Read!”, all about science, things that fly and go boom, amusing musical instruments, LEGO engineering, fossils and other exciting ideas that tie in with the STEM (Science, Technology, Math and Engineering) curriculum children now work through during the school year. Research in childhood learning shows that children who participate in literacy programs during summer break and who are read to early and often do better in school. We'd like to help give your children a summer head start!The Boscobel Library’s summer reading program is offered at no charge to children of all ages from infants through 6th grade. Early registration is now open for all families, just stop by the library. Regular attendance is not required and all families and caregivers are welcome.

 Busy Teens and adults, we’ll have drop in weekly programs for you too: Book Bingo, Reader’s Secrets, Author Trivia and more. Also author talks, tech roundup rodeo and other informative and engaging programs. Full programming schedules and information will be available at the library beginning May 1st.

Did you know that in addition to the many beautiful new books gracing our shelves, your library also offers more than 45,000 e-books for download to your digital device? From iPad to Kindle to Nook to tablet to smartphone, your library has free reading materials and videos available for download to any Internet connected device. We have  high speed Internet as well and will be running on fiber-optic by the end of July. All you need is your library card ! Not sure how this works? Our friendly staff is happy to show you the simple steps to get connected to your library e-book account and start reading today!

New On the Shelves
Books: The Paris Architect; Under Magnolia; Mimi Malloy at Last!; Redeployment by Phil McKay; The Fault in Our Stars; Divergent (trilogy); The 6th Extinction
DVD video: 12 Years a Slave; Nebraska;47 Ronin; The Book Thief; Grudge Match; Last Vegas; The Mighty Ducks; Frozen

The Boscobel Library Bookclub, Frieda’s Readers meets Tuesday, April 15th at 7pm in the upstairs reading room. This month’s read is Janis Owen’s American Ghost, a historical fiction about a deep south tragedy steeped in love, violence and the racial tensions of the civil rights era that comes full circle to explore the meanings of redemption and forgiveness. “Inspired by Owens’s extensive research on a real lynching that occurred in the 1930s, American Ghost is a richly woven exploration of how the events of our past can haunt our present …An engrossing novel inspired by a true event about unresolved family history and racial tensions that threaten a Florida community.”