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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cozy Mystery Season

Summer's almost here and with it a brand new crop of "Cozy Mystery" paperbacks will be arriving on the library's shelves. Are you a cozy mystery reader? Curious about cozy mysteries? Think quick, entertaining  reads (perfect for busy summer days!) with a touch of humor, clever who-dunnit detective work by civilian sleuths like Miss Marple or Father Brown,small town settings so the entire community can get involved and tongue-in-cheek titles such as "Dead White and Blue", "Peach Pies and Alibis", "Buried in a Bog", "Deep Fried Homicide", etc. These are often written as series or by theme (bakeshop, bookstore, knitting, garden club, Irish mysteries, supernatural, travel etc), so there's always something to read next. Curious? Click on over to:  http://www.cozy-mystery.com/ to learn more then stop by the library for a preview of this summer's collection- perfect for the pool, camping, cookout, travel or a lazy afternoon in the hammock!


  1. Well, I may not be the most objective person when it comes to this topic (I write the Dixie Hemingway Mysteries created by my mom, Blaize Clement) but I'll second your recommendation to check out cozy-mystery.com! It's the most comprehensive source of information on cozy mysteries I know!

    1. Hi John, thanks for your comment and for stopping by our library blog. We'll have to check out your series, nothing better than discovering a new read!


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