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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Speak the Word on the 23rd! @TLC

Thursday, July 23rd, Speak the Word! at TLC

We're throwing another poetry party for better or verse with our friends at Timber Lane Coffee, 934 Wisconsin Ave., Boscobel. This Thursday, July 23rd from 6 - 8 pm we'll be hosting Speak the Word!, an evening of open mic poetry and  creative reading out loud for teens and adults. All readers, writers, poets, songwriters, lyric talkers and listeners welcome.  Bring your own original work (all creative writing welcome, not just poems), a friend's work, a favorite poem or borrow one of ours to share. Poetry books available on site. Fun, drama & inspiration for all. Stage fright removers available. Catch yourself thinking- aloud!  

With our good friends at TLC, we're making  this a regular monthly event and hope to expand it to include other creative arts like drawing, photography & music to name a few. In the style of the 19th and 20th century Parisian salons that hosted lively gatherings of writers, artists and thinkers all together enjoying each other's ideas and talents and great food and drink, we'd also like to bring together the creative people in our community.  This Thursday BoscoLibrary will also be bringing our Artbox kit (see description below)  and adult coloring / sketchbooks for those in a mood to doodle, color, draw or ?; so if you're feeling creative, inspired or just curious, stop on by.  Have questions? We have answers at 608-375-5723

Drop Into a Summer Library Activity
"Every Hero Has a Story", Summer Library Program is almost over for this summer but we have additional programs for children continuing right up through August including 1000 Books before Kindergarten, monthly Seek and Find, Kid's Art Box and other "drop-in" activities. 

In addition to our children's programming, there are several   DIY drop-in anytime programs for teens and adults: Try out our "Read Box" book selection, write a review and win a chance at Blaine Theater ticket; or investigate the stories of teenage heros who have made a difference in the wold. If you  want to relax or just feel creative, check out one of our "Art Boxs"  which will include art supplies and grown-up coloring books, including Zentangles, "Art Therapy", "Art Garden Treasure Hunt" and more. Even if you're not comfortable drawing, these shared, highly detailed and gorgeously drawn books will let you color and create beautiful works of art.
When the books are fully colored, several of them  will be put on display in the library at the end of the summer and will become part of our permanent collection so that people can check out and see the beautiful works created by their neighbors!  There's a huge amount of creativity tucked away in every community and household and we're excited to see who we can "draw out" in Boscobel to come color, design and make art with us this summer!