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End of Summer Library Stuff!

              Labor Day already? Hello Back to School Days

Summer 2014 sure went by in a flash! Here are some summertime memories to share of the fun and surprises we had at the library during this year's Fizz Boom Read program! All that reading and thinking you did this summer will help you you slide right back into the classroom ready to learn and discover new ideas. 
We'll be seeing you at the library during the school year when teachers bring their classes over for library classroom visits. More excitement, books, challenges and learning await you right here, with all your friends at the Boscobel Public Library. Have a great school year everyone, we'll see you soon!
Dr Einstein in the House

This is the boom part we were talking about!

Shrek and Fiona stopped by to visit with us in July

He's big, green and reads too!

Ogres enjoy the library too!

Mrs. Dr. Einstein cooked up some fizzy potions in the kids room
to start summer off with a bang!

Summer Library 2014 Brings Fizz Boom Read Fun and ...Wish Lists! 

Getting ready for summer library is always a busy time, planning and putting together programs for all ages. Its also a time when we turn to our community for extra help and donations, so that we can do that little bit extra for the kids. This year we have a wish list of materials we need for our DIY and Arts and Crafts Programs. Many are common household items, so if you happen to have extras of any of the following , please consider making a donation to the library. Many hands make light work and we are very grateful for whatever you can share! Your Library, Your Community, Friends for Life!


All Programs: LEGOS: Traditional and Duplo sizes, Please and Thank you!

 Middle School DIY summer projects 
10 old CDS
Metal instruments for scratching
10 plain colored mugs
Colored sharpie markers
Old wooden spools
Pieces of fabric
Safety pins (smaller and lots of them)
Elastic cording or thread
Seed beads
Post It notes
Metal ducting tape
Stamps or other items with interesting textured (to emboss on)

Summer Arts and Crafts 

Dye-able bandanas (12)
Tie dye (3 colors)
Rubber bands
Buckets (3)
Drying space
Plastic knives
Puzzle pieces
Popsicle sticks
Smooth rocks
Paint brushes
Wooden hoops
Beads (larger size for making keychains)
Key chain ring
Plastic thread

Please bring any items that you wish to donate to the front desk, any of our staff will be happy to assist you. Please let us know if you have transportation difficulties, we usually can arrange for pick-up.


Some of the things we've done in the past....
AWE EDGE digital learning and gaming center: look for the touch screen computer with headphones in the teen room; more than 70 games and homework resources waiting for you to play, watch, create, explore.

Get ready for summer library: this summer we'll again be hosting Saturday morning Art Attacks, but with a twist: ARTS and CRAFTS will be offered for you to try your hand at painting, collage, paper art creations, scrapbooking, water color, yarn bombing , recycled crafts and other never before seen ways to make stuff you can take home or give as gifts. We supply the materials, tools and project how-to, you bring your bright ideas!  We won't let you go hungry either!

A Dark and Stormy Night at the Library: Mystery's lurking this summer when crime scenes are uncovered at the library- what happened to George Hildebrand's mysterious brother Hugo?. Clues lead everywhere around Boscobel and -who knows?-- maybe around the globe as we struggle to solve the mystery and unlock the cabinet of secrets. Will you figure out whodunnit and win big prizes and everlasting fame as CSI Boscobel's top agent? Snoop around the library to find out more soon.

Looking for a good read, new writer, something different? Look at YA Book Central for the newest books just published and reviews by other young adult readers. Or jump to their blog: YA Books Central Blog: Released This Week: For some of this week's Young Adult book releases. To learn more about  each book, click on its cover art to be redirected to its page...

Are you: between the ages of 12-18?
Love to draw, doodle, design, journal or craft? Then...

Get ready for "Art Attacks" @ Your Library!
When: Every Saturday from June 18th throught August 6th, Noon - 1PM
Where: Library basement clubroom
What: Hang out, talk and sketch, paint, draw,craft,and create journals with a professional artist as ringleader. Each week we'll share art and objects from a different world culture and our guest artist will talk about & demonstrate techniques for"doing" art: how to make colors work, drawing faces, graphics and comics, perspective and landscapes, abstract art, etc., etc!
How: The library will supply artist quality sketching and watercolor paper, watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, pens and other media. We'll also put up a "grafitti wall" for everyone to decorate. You come and create.
What Else: drinks, snacks, popcorn, movie? Tell us your ideas, email: bw-staff@swls.org

Graphic Novels & Manga
Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga create visual narratives and tell stories in vivid panels. Comics once thought of as entertainment for kids have crossed into the realm of art and illustration, targeting people of all ages. Their creators have been recognized and awarded as artists and visionaries. Libraries spotted this trend and in the last two decades began adding graphic and illustrated novels, comics collections and manga. Boscobel Library continues to build both teen and adult collections.
Blogs, sites and other related content about the books, art and their creators (feel free to email us with suggestions libraryboscobel at gmail dot com:

Craig Thompson(Carnet Du Voyage, Blankets, Chunky Rice, Habibi) maintains a rich blog Doot Doot Garden

Neil Gaiman (Sandman,Coraline, Preludes & Nocturns)- Graphic novels, books, films, theater, music, "one of the top ten living post-modern writers" http://www.neilgaiman.com/works/

One Manga- Read Sand Chronicles and other manga scans online. Suggests related works too.

Jessica Abel (Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, La Perdida, Life Sucks) Chicago born Harvey Award winning artist. "Life Sucks" was choosen by YALSA as a "top ten" teen graphic novel

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