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Our Boscobel Story Project

In partnership with the library History Club and Archive, this summer we're offering a creative project for Boscobel natives and visitors alike, age 12 and up to share their favorite stories about Boscobel and the surrounding areas.

This project is inspired by the AMAZING "My Philadelphia Story" public art project installed at the Philadelphia airport to celebrate the city's history and people. Two artists, Won Kyoung Lee and Matthew Alden Price invited Philly residents and visitors to share their memories of the city. More than 800 stories and objects were shared and pulled  together for the massive display at the airport:See some of the objectsand learn more at http://www.myphiladelphiastory.com/

Boscobel has such a long and rich history we're positive there's a wonderful bunch of stories to tell about our city too! You're invited to help make this happen! The places we grow up in or visit create memories that we share with our families, classmates, neighbors and friends our whole lives. Stories come together over time and build a place’s history…and its legends, tall tales and yarns that make people laugh, cry and holler years later.

This summer our library wants to hear your favorite Boscobel Stories! Share something fun, unusual, interesting or plain crazy that you remember happening in Boscobel by customizing a STORYTILE: 

Take the tile home, put a written story in it, on it, or just decorate it! Put trinkets or other objects about your story inside, wrap it, glue it, add to it- anything goes! Tell one with a friend! Each of these STORYTILES will get added to a wall display installed in the library, to make one GIANT Boscobel STORY!

This Fall, everyone will be invited to get together for a fun party to read, enjoy and share these Bulldog Tales (Tails?) with one another. Come join in the fun and add your memories to the BIG picture!   

Here are some sample tiles that friends our our library created early so that everyone can see a few examples of what can be done with the storytiles to inspire our community. Don't be shy, come on down and join in creating some history! 

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